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Power generation

AMC VIBRO has been working for conventional energy for more than 20 years. We provide dedicated solutions intended for managing and monitoring a power station of any operations scale. The systems created by AMC VIBRO constantly control the key elements and indicate the need for their maintenance or switching off in case of a predicted failure.

Selected projects:

  • 2006 / Alstom Power / Development of a remote supervision system for the technical condition of turbine sets;
  • 2011 / Siemens / Delivery of and technical support for specialist measurement modules for monitoring vibrations in piston compressors for natural gas treatment;
  • 2013 / EDF / Analysis of the dynamic condition of the 200 MW turbine at the Rybnik Power Station after the renovation;
  • 2018 / ATDC / Steam turbine condition monitoring system for Walidia Assiut Power Plant in Egypt.

Wind energy

Wind power is the undisputed leader in green technologies which constitute the most future-proof solution for generating electricity. AMC VIBRO provides assistance in the creation and maintenance of wind farms, including, among others, the tower design, geometric measurements, powertrain laser alignment, repair, and ongoing monitoring of mechanical components.

Selected projects:

  • 2012 / SeaCom / Multichannel system for continuous monitoring of wind turbines;
  • 2013 / SeaCom / Implementation of ultra-fast processing of massive FFT calculation;
  • 2016 / InnoEnergy / High-end wind turbine condition monitoring design and implementation.


One of the challenges for the railway is to build competitiveness in relation to other modes of transport. However, only perfectly organised, efficient, and modern railway infrastructure has a chance to face such a task. To a large extent, it is determined by IT systems which improve the work of transport and supplies department in an increasingly more advanced and integrated way. AMC VIBRO provides solutions in the field of diagnostics that meet the railway standards.

Selected projects:

  • 2012 / Thales / Delivery of a system for acquisition, management, and archiving of measurement data from railway subsystems;
  • 2013 / Bombardier / Brakes monitoring system for high-speed trains;
  • 2014 / PESA / Delivery of AVM 1002D modules serving as security for fuel injection of diesel engines in ATR220 locomotives;
  • 2018 / Bombardier / Folding step control unit for trams.


The automotive industry is expected nowadays mostly to provide solutions that are effective, economical, comfortable, and minimising the negative impact of the use on the environment. Thanks to the long-term cooperation with the biggest players in the automotive sector, AMC VIBRO has perfect knowledge of market needs and responds to them.

Selected projects:

  • 2012 / Solaris / Delivery of a system for remote monitoring, control, and diagnostics of buses;
  • 2015 / Fiat / Delivery of a portable vibration-based diagnostics system intended for verification of the condition of machines in the production line;
  • 2016 / ZF TRW / Delivery of a portable vibration-based diagnostics system supporting the tests of steering wheel gears.

Paper & print industry

The continuous diagnostic supervision of the machines is a source of additional profits and avoiding losses, since in no other industry than printing and paper, does the business performance depend to such a large extent on the efficiency of equipment performance and elimination of downtime. AMC VIBRO provides a solution for paper industry for more than 10 years, collaborating with the largest factories on the market.

Selected projects:

  • 2012 / RR Donnelley / Installation of multichannel systems intended for continuous measurement of vibrations and rotational speed, and data acquisition and work diagnostics for printing machines, along with the use of remote diagnostic supervision;
  • 2014 / Condat / Delivery and implementation of the AVM 4000 vibration-based diagnostics system in the paper mill.


Competitiveness and efficiency have become nowadays the key to innovative mining. The essential requirement for that is, in turn, effective diagnostics and analysis of mining machines operations which allow for the elimination of failures and proper maintenance, and, consequently, avoiding costs related to constant repairs. AMC VIBRO is providing advanced solutions for the mining sector for the last 20 years.

Selected projects:

  • 2012 / FAMUR / Delivery of a wireless system (2.4 GHz) for control and monitoring pressure in the wall support;
  • 2014 / FAMUR / Design and delivery of harvester monitoring system;
  • 2016 / SRK / Installation of a system for assessing the operating status of pumps of the central water drainage system located 633m underground;
  • 2017 / SRK / Ventilation fans vibration based monitoring system along with notifying the personnel in the mines.

Oil & Gas

It is estimated that the global demand for petroleum and natural gas will be continuously increasing. To enable the dynamic growth for that industry sector, it is necessary to acquire new resources and optimise the transmission and distribution processes. AMC VIBRO has been responding to that need for 20 years by collaborating with oil and gas manufacturers. We provide them with advanced diagnostics methods which respond to safety requirements even at the most vulnerable locations.

Selected projects:

  • 2011 / Siemens / Delivery of and technical support for specialist measurement modules for monitoring vibrations in piston compressors for natural gas treatment;
  • 2015 / Grupa Lotos / Installation of a multichannel machine monitoring and diagnostics system at oil rig to enable remote diagnostic supervision (AVE CARE);
  • 2018 / Petroster / Gasoline leak detection system for fuel tanks.

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