acoustic camera for preventive maintenance


The second generation of an acoustic camera – SONASCREEN® 2 is now available in Poland!

Equipped with an optimized array and a market-leading number of 176 microphones, the new device outperforms every other acoustic camera on the market, enabling precise identification of even the smallest sound sources in industrial environments. With its wide frequency range of up to 100 kHz, the new device covers both the audible and ultrasonic range to ensure comprehensive fault detection in industrial plants and electrical systems.


The SONASCREEN® 2 is not only an effective preventative maintenance tool but also helps companies reduce their operational costs and minimize their environmental impact.

The acoustic camera can help optimize operations and reduce energy consumption by detecting leaks and other defects. With its adjustable bandpass filter and wide dynamic range, it enables the reliable and precise visualization of leaks in compressed air, gas, and vacuum systems. The device filters out interfering audible or ultrasonic sounds in industrial environments and enables the clear differentiation of individual leaks. The results are displayed in real-time through acoustic photos and videos on a high-resolution screen.

In the field of electrical inspection, the SONASCREEN 2 detects and distinguishes partial discharges at the earliest stage and helps companies ensure the reliability and operational safety of their equipment. The free reporting software for evaluating electrical partial discharges and creating reports enables comprehensive analysis and documentation.

The second-generation device is not only powerful in its hardware performance but also in its user-friendliness. With a 7” multi-touch display and an updated user interface, operating the camera is more intuitive than ever before. Preset modes for different applications make it easy for even inexperienced users to quickly evaluate the results, while the live PRPD and leak loss display allows immediate interpretation of the measured data. With many adjustable measurement parameters, the device can also be used for applications in bioacoustics or tightness testing.


  • 176 sealed microphones (spiral array) for use in industrial areas
  • Real-time acoustic results at 100 fps for real-time results
  • Wide frequency range: 1 Hz to 100 kHz for the detection of audible sound and ultrasound
  • Integrated data acquisition and analysis software
  • Handheld device with IP54 protection (splashproof)
  • Integrated LED lights
  • 8 configurable buttons for fast control
  • Low weight and small size



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