Learn the machines language - how to diagnose a failure a long time before it happens

25th April 2023
Central European Time (CET):
13:00 (UTC +01:00)
Online via ClickMeeting
Free of charge after registration
The training will be conducted in English

About the event

We cordially invite you to participate in the free webinar “Learn the machines language – how to diagnose a failure a long time before it happens” within the #amcVIBROnars series.

  • Thanks to the training, you will learn the basics of vibration analysis and see the various systems for monitoring and diagnostics of machinery in action.
  • Our events are addressed primarily to the maintenance managers, technical specialists, chief mechanics and other specialists dealing with condition monitoring and diagnostics of industrial machines.
  • Joining our webinars will help broaden your knowledge without leaving your workplace/home.
  • Participation in the event is free of charge!*

*after registration

We will provide you with...

  • free access to the webinar after registration,
  • experienced industry specialists,
  • online training materials,
  • live product demonstrations,
  • discount for AMC VIBRO products and services,
  • online certificate.


13:00Start of the webinar
~30 min.
[Petro BRATKO] The costs, risks and return of investment in machinery diagnostics
a. Trends and technological progress in machinery monitoring, diagnostics and protection
b. Business comparison of technical supervision models
c. How to plan an investment in machinery protection?
d. Financial case studies of the implementation of diagnostic systems
~15 min.
Coffee break
~45 min.
[Petro BRATKO] Monitoring vs diagnostics – how not to mistake apples for oranges
a. The language of vibrations – the basics of the theory of vibrations
b. Examples of typical machinery failures that can be detected
c. What is monitoring? What is diagnostics?
d. From the vibration sensor to visualization – the structure and principle of operation of the components of the diagnostic system
e. Industrial health care – methods of machinery diagnostics
~15 min.
Coffee break
~90 min.
[Adam JABLONSKI] A day in the life of a diagnostic engineer – demonstration of systems operation on a real machine
a. Why wait for a failure? Warning and alarm thresholds
b. How to disassemble the machine without getting up from the desk
c. Machinery maintenance from home – is it possible?
d. Can I see it? Machinery fault simulation
  • Unbalance
  • Missalignment
  • Gear faults
  • Bearing defects


  • Petro BRATKO – Graduated from the University of Economics in Krakow, Faculty of Economics and International Relations. Key Account Manager at AMC VIBRO. For over 6 years at AMC VIBRO, has been responsible for machinery condition monitoring and diagnostics products and services portfolio. Strongly committed to sharing knowledge about modern systems in the field of vibrodiagnostics and their economic benefits to the customer’s businesses. Manages the international network of AMC VIBRO partners. Fluent in three foreign languages. Connect with me on Linkedin.
  • Adam JABLONSKI – Graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics at AGH and Central Texas College, USA. In 2013, he obtained a doctoral degree at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics of AGH University of Science and Technology. He interests in signal processing and architecture of condition monitoring systems. He specializes in the development of algorithms for automatic signal validation, feature extraction and automatic machine fault identification. In recent years, he has got a Polish Ministry scholarship (top 100 in the country) as well as Polish Foundation for Science Award.

Technical requirements

The training will be conducted using the ClickMeeting platform – a proven tool for organizing online events.

Technical requirements:

  • Internet access
  • working headphones or speakers
  • ClickMeeting application (only when using mobile devices during training)