AVM 4000DC/P

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AVM 4000DC/P

AVM 4000DC/P is an intelligent platform for online condition monitoring, failure protection, and vibration-based diagnostics of machinery.


The platform allows to:

  • reduce the number of failures and downtime by up to 70%,
  • decrease maintenance costs by up to 20%,
  • increase the lifetime of monitored machines by up to 30%.

A wide range of configurations allows adjusting the system to the functional needs and financial capabilities of the customer. Moreover, the ease of future expansion makes it possible to spread out the investment in time. This provides a unique business benefit allowing to start from an inexpensive basic version of the system for monitoring of a single machine, and further gradual expansion into an advanced platform for remote diagnostics of the entire enterprise.


Modular architecture and easy expansion

False alarms reduction

Automatic failure diagnostics

Real-time processing

Advanced diagnostics algorithms

Access from many places in the world

Access to historical data

Compatibility with systems from other manufacturers




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