Remote diagnostic service


Remote diagnostic service

AMC VIBRO EXPERTISE CARE is a remote condition monitoring service allowing to optimize machine operation without additional employment and IT infrastructure costs.

With the AVE CARE you get

  • the immediate reaction in the event of a fault being detected,
  • regular reports on the technical condition of supervised machines,
  • modern monitoring and diagnostics equipment in the package,
  • direct contact with the best specialists in the industry,
  • access to measurement data, current and historical.

After ordering the AVE CARE package

  • we will come and evaluate the initial dynamic state of selected machines,
  • we will develop the system architecture, select sensors and develop a mounting method,
  • together we will implement and configure the monitoring system at the plant,
  • we will perform reference measurements and set alert thresholds,
  • you will receive direct contact with a specialist supervising the work of your machines,
  • in case of alarming symptoms, our specialist will immediately contact you, give you the location of the fault, its type, stage and dynamics of development.

Key benefits

  • Lower personnel costs,
  • Lower expenses on IT infrastructure,
  • Monitoring of multiple machines in various locations,
  • Constant monitoring and current data analysis,
  • Periodical report on machines? condition,
  • The immediate reaction in situations needing attention,
  • Supervision over machines run by highly skilled specialists.


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