Fieldpaq II

4-channel handheld analyzer

Fieldpaq II

Fieldpaq II is a portable 4-channel real-time analyzer that is built for advanced noise and vibration measurements in the field. For measurements in harsh environments, Fieldpaq II is manufactured with a ruggedized housing by a dual injection molding process and protective sealing to provide an IP 65 rating.

Fieldpaq II is equipped with a large 5-inch color (800 x 480 high resolution) touch screen. The combination of Microsoft?s powerful WinCE operating the system and touch screen operation provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Fieldpaq II acquires measurement signal with precision 24 bit sigma-delta AD converters to provide a high dynamic range, up to 40 kHz maximum bandwidth. Fieldpaq II is powered by an 800 MHz CPU for running the Windows CE system and the DSP chip TI TMS320C6713B for performing signal analysis at extremely fast real-time rates.


Vibration Meter

The overall vibration level is a basic parameter for determining a machine?s operational condition. By simulating the operation of an analog meter, Fieldpaq II?s vibration meter program performs time-domain integration, filtering, root mean square (RMS) calculations and true-peak detection for accurate measurements of vibration levels. One to Four channels can be measured at the same time, displaying the results to a trend chart, bar chart, or you may record the data continuously to a file. Easily check vibration severity with the built-in ISO 10816-3 standard. The user may select different filter settings for specialized measurements.

Octave Spectrum Analysis

The octave analysis program utilizes real-time digital filtering technology to generate octave, 1/3 octave or 1/12 octave spectrum. Conforming to the IEC 61260 & IEC 61672 standards, the octave program is best suited for acoustic or vibration measurements in the field. For vibration applications, the octave program can perform measurements with user-defined weightings. One example is that Fieldpaq II can perform measurements with the special weighting of ISO 6954, ISO8041, ISO2631 and more. When measuring for vibration, Fieldpaq II can display the VC curves on the spectrum, providing real-time evaluation of the vibration severity in the field.

Rotor Balancing

Fieldpaq II?s balancing software package supports simultaneous 4 channel measurements with multiple point balancing techniques. When using multiple point balancing, vibration in BOTH horizontal and vertical directions is minimized at the same time. By conducting coast-down measurements for 1X vibration, the heavy spot can be easily identified with only one measurement saving you time, money and increasing safety. This technique prevents the user from danger by putting the trial weights in the wrong place and shortens the balance time. Other features/functions are:

  • Multi-point balancing
  • Component calculation
  • Drill depth calculation
  • Allowable residual unbalance calculated from the ISO 1940 standard
  • Unequal radii calculation
  • Decoupled balancing (couple + static)
  • Review historical vibration data on a polar plot
  • Review historical balancing data on a polar plot
  • Heavy spot estimation with one-shot measurement
  • Redo a previous balancing job with saved balancing factors
  • Continue an unfinished balancing job from a saved file

FFT Spectrum Analysis

Fieldpaq II?s FFT program allows you to conduct cross-channel analysis such as FRF, coherence, and cross power spectrum that are required for modal test, ODS testing or sound intensity measurements. FFT program supports continuous spectral measurements and waterfall display, which is required for analysis of varying speed machines.

  • General vibration analysis
  • Modal testing
  • Bearing diagnosis
  • Sound intensity measurement
  • Operational deflection shape measurement

Fieldpaq II?s FFT program also supports bearing vibration analysis as a standard feature. By taking advantage of demodulation technology, one may see the fault frequencies of a bearing on a demodulated spectrum at its early stage of damage. Fieldpaq II?s demodulated spectrum uses a wavelet-based Hilbert Transform algorithm, which shows a clear spectral pattern(s) and low levels of sidebands.

Technical data

Operating system

Windows CE ?

Number of input channels

4 analog channels and 1 aux channel

Connector of input channels

Channel 1, 2: BNC, Channel 2, 3, 4 LEMO 4 pinand Aux: LEMO 6 pin

Channel coupling


Aux channel

Tacho signal input and power supply

DSP processor

TI TMS320C6713B

External memory

SD card


Li-Po 7.4V 5800 mAhr, rechargeable

PC communication interface

USB 1.1, mini B type USB connector

LCD display

800 x 480 5 inch TFT color touch screen

Operating temperature

-10?C to + 50?C

Sealing / Ruggedness

IP 65

Housing material

Dual material: hard ABS plastic and soft TPR


1.3 kg (2.8 lb)


9.6 x 5.2 x 2.5 inch (245 x 132 x 63 mm)

Max input signal range

? 20 V

Dynamic range

130 dB (measured from spectrum)

A/D converter

24 bit sigma-delta A/D converter

Frequency range

DC to 40 kHz

Input impedance

1 MOhm




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