CTProfiler 2.0

boost efficiency of cooling tower

CTProfiler 2.0

CTProfiler 2.0 is designed to evaluate all sizes of natural-draft cooling towers in order to improve and maintain their highest efficiency. Usage of autonomous self-driven mobile units enables high precision thermal condition mapping of cooling towers including their main components, i.e. fills, water nozzles, drift eliminators, and water distribution system. CTProfiler 2.0 is compliant with thermal test code CTI ATC-105.


Speed / measurement lasts up to 8 hours

Full coverage / autonomous self-driven mobile units

Guaranteed profit / up to 3% of the overall unit efficiency

Reliability / multiple cooling towers evaluated

Technical data

Driving mechanisms

250 mm caterpillar tracks designed for drift eliminators


Remote control (self-driven)

  • 4x air velocity
  • 4x temperature
  • 4x humidity
  • 1x surveillance camera
Acquisition speed

~100 m2/h



Power supply

Li-ion Polymer Battery



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