New version

of AVM 2000 module

The new AV MONITOR 2000 module is a two-channel, fully programmable device allowing for constant monitoring and machine diagnostics intended for rotating machines—of a small and large power and a constant or variable rotational speed—and compressors.

The module has two analog inputs (ICP), one rotational speed input (KF), five relay outputs, and two analog outputs (4-20mA). All relay outputs are fully customisable and able to operate independently, performing the Warning and Alarm functions for each channel. They can also signal an error of measurement sensors circuit or indicate the status of the device. The thresholds can be set for the measurement available in the given version of the device for any measured quantity. The device has an in-built display which shows the measured vibration signal for the selected channel.

The compact design and DIN rail mounting allows for seamless integration with PLC systems in typical control cabinets. The device is configured with the dedicated PC software, Android app or a panel.