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AMC VIBRO MONITOR 4000 is a multichannel (4-24 channels) system dedicated for advanced diagnostics of rotor machines. Modular construction makes it possible to configure the system to the application.

AMC VIBRO MONITOR 4000 (AVM 4000) is modular online condition monitoring and advanced diagnostics monitors and protects operating machines through conditioning, high-quality acquisition of signals and process parameters, all well as their continuous analysis. Due to real-time data validation, automated machine operational states detection and advanced diagnostic analyses the system effectively detects anomalies in an early development phase and significantly reduces the number of false alarms.

AVM 4000EU (entry unit)

AVM 4000 baseboard contains:

  • mainboard
  • server card with ETH interface
  • process card (AVM4000+P)
  • measurement card (AVM 4000+V)

AVM 4000+V (extension card)

Measurement card:

  • 4 measurement inputs (expandable up to 20)
    – Input type: IEPE (ICP)
    – Resolution: 24bit
    – Synchronic sampling: 25/50/100kHz
    – Spectrum resolution: down to 0,002Hz
    – Parallel processing
  • 1 phase marker

AVM 4000+P (extension card)

Process variables card:

  • 4 analog inputs:
    – Standard: 0-10V or 4-20mA
    – Resolution: 16bit
    – Sampling frequency: 1kHz
    – Parallel processing
  • 2 digital inputs:
    – 24VDC OC
  • 3 relay outputs
    – Contacts load: 24VDC 100mA NO/NC

AVM 4000+U (extension card)

Output adapter:

  • 4 analog outputs: 4-20mA
  • 8 digital outputs:
    – Contacts load 24VDC 100mA NO/NC

Key features
Modular architecture and easy expansion
False alarms reduction
Automatic failure diagnostics
Real-time processing
Advanced diagnostic algorithms
Access from any place in the world
Access to historical data
Compatibility with systems from other manufacturers

Technical data

4 measurement inputs (expandable up to 20):


  • Input type: IEPE (ICP)
  • Resolution: 24bit
  • Synchronized sampling: 25/50/100kHz
  • Spectrum resolution: down to 0,002Hz
  • Parallel processing

1 phase marker


Modbus TCP (expandable by OPC, 4-20mA, relays)

Estimates available for each channel



  • RMS
  • VRMS
  • PP
  • Crest
  • Kurtosis

Narrowband (up to 20 per channel)


IP rating: IP65
Prepared for optional LCD panel

Power supply and environmental conditions

Power supply: 24V DC 25W
Operational temperature: from -40oC to +85oC
Vibration resistance: group 1B
Optional ATEX compliance


Product brochure


User manual


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