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AMC VIBRO MONITOR 2000 is a series of dual-channel devices, which are designed for monitoring and diagnostics of a constant and variable speed rotating machinery and reciprocating compressors.

AMC VIBRO MONITOR 2000 (AVM 2000) series is a dual-channel device for online condition monitoring and diagnostics of rotating machinery. This module has 2 analog inputs (ICP), 1 rotation speed input (KF), 5 relay outputs, and 2 analog outputs (4-20mA). All relay outputs are fully configurable and can work separately, realising Warning and Alarm function for each of the channels.


AVM 2105D

  • For condition monitoring and diagnostics of rotating machinery (e.g. ventilators, pumps, compressors),
  • Signals vibrations rise of the monitored element.
  • RMS, 0-Peak, Envelope analysis


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AVM 2105DV

  • For condition monitoring and diagnostics of rotating machinery (e.g. ventilators, pumps, compressors),
  • Enables to detect bearing harms, unbalance, cavitation,
  • RMS, 0-Peak, Envelope, energy in 8 bands analysis


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AVM 2105DK

  • For reciprocating machines: reciprocating compressors, combustion engines,
  • Enables to a stroke analysis, detection of piston rings wipe
  • RMS, 0-Peak, Envelope analysis in 36 revolution periods.
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AVM 2115DA

  • For high-power, constant and variable speed rotational machines: vapor/wind turbines, gears
  • Enables to detect the type of failure of each element in the system
  • RMS, 0-Peak, Envelope, Amplitude, Row analysis.
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