AVM 4000 at the Baltic Beta platform

new version of the system

In January 2017, after ten years from original implementation, AMC VIBRO has updated condition monitoring system to its latest version (AVM 4000) at the Baltic Beta platform. The system is used for online condition monitoring of bearings, valves, driveshaft, and other mechanical elements of a four-stage Dresser-Rand reciprocating compressor, which is the “heart” of the natural gas compressor station. Additionaly, AMC VIBRO provides Baltic Beta platform with remote condition monitoring service – AVE CARE.

“The cooperation between the companies proceeds without interruptions, and the monitoring conducted by the diagnostic engineers is reliable and professional. We are satisfied with the quality of the system.” – Zbigniew Olejniczak / Deputy Managing Director, Head of the Maritime Team / Energobaltic Sp. z o.o.