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AV TEST BENCH is a complete research-educational test bench for rotating machinery diagnostics. It consists of the mechanical part and the vibration based condition monitoring and diagnostics system AVM 4000.

AV TEST BENCH is a complete research-educational test bench for rotating machinery diagnostics. It consists of the mechanical part, the vibration based condition monitoring system and diagnostics software. The mechanical part, placed on a stiff support, includes two three-phase asynchronous motors with frequency inverters (one of them acting as propulsion, the other one as load), a gearbox, a shaft supported on three rolling element bearings (one of which is mounted on an adjustable screw, and can be used to apply vertical force to the shaft, thus loading the bearings supporting it). The shaft has got a disc with holes designed for imbalance simulation. The diagnostic part is comprised of a full featured condition monitoring system AVM 4000, four AVS1000 accelerometers, one rotational speed sensor and VIBnavigator software:

AV TEST BENCH enables:

The system may include up to eight vibration input channels and two phase marker inputs. In the default configuration the test bench comes with four piezoelectric accelerometers and one rotational speed sensor. The sensors can be mounted in one of the prepared holes or with a magnet, in order to measure vibrations in a selected plane in selected construction nodes. The AV TEST BENCH allows full data acquisition and condition diagnostics with numerous charts (time view, frequency spectrum, frequency order spectrum, envelope analysis, trend diagram, XY plot, cascade plot, synoptic view, and alarm list). The signals can be also easily connected to third party acquisition hardware through prepared BNC outputs.

AV TEST BENCH gives the opportunity to conduct academic research studies, and carry out a professional rotating machinery condition monitoring and diagnostics training.


Mechanical part:

Condition monitoring system part:


AVTB addons:




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